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How can I create and send my first invoice?

But where do you start? How do you create a professional invoice? How do you send an invoice to your customers?

MEWEBTEK invoicing software makes creating invoices and sending invoices to your customers easy and simple.

Let's start: Check our short video where we show you step by step to add a business, customer and products in a couple of clicks. It explains how you can create an invoice and how you can send an invoice to your customers. In 5 steps the invoice is on his way to your customer.

What information should my invoices contain?

An invoice needs to be clear and professional. An invoice contains a logo, business name and your customers information. And at a glance, your customer needs to see the amount to be paid, the bank account or payment link.

8 points that should definitely be mentioned in your invoice:

  1. Invoice number
  2. Date: invoice date and due date
  3. Seller’s name and address, company registration number
  4. Buyers name and addres
  5. Description of services or products
  6. Including quantity services or products, cost per unit and total item cost
  7. Total amount charged with tax information
  8. Add your own paymentlink, including bank account number and a reference code identifying the customer

What are the benefits of online invoices?

Saves a lot of time:

Do less for more. You have to do less to create an invoice and send them and it also goes directly to your bookkeeping. If you work a lot with invoices, it is beneficial to use a tool such as MEWEBTEK invoicing software.

Receive payments faster:

One of the reasons businesses use invoicing software is to invoice faster which results in a faster payment. You can easily create invoices and send this directly to the email of your customers.

Less errors:

Less steps means less errors when you are sending and processing e-invoices. Because of this your bookkeeping will have less errors. If you use software such as WORD or Excel as an invoicing software, you will increase chances of mistakes.

Discover the possibility of sending invoices online

Sending digital invoicing? This is cheaper than by post. You reduce your fixed costs, because this way you do not pay for the letterheads, envelopes and stamps. It is a simple saving, especially if you send a relatively large number of invoices. There is no need to prepare the invoice for printing and then put a stamp on it. You don't have to go to the post office. Which will result in spending less time invoicing. Your administration will be much faster, so you can get more done in a few hours. Moreover, your invoice is sent out much faster and your customer will receive it much faster because it only takes a couple of minutes. Your customer will be able to pay the payment much faster. You save up to 75% on the costs of invoicing. However, another important topic when it comes to billing: security.

Sending online invoices? How save is it?

An important subject when it comes to billing is: Security. This is not only important for you but also for your customer. When you send an invoice with an invoicing software, it is clear where it goes, without mistakes and without risks to send an invoice twice. The receiver needs to be sure to know where the invoice is coming from, so that he makes the right payment. Are you using a payment link? Thanks to the secure connection, you don't have to worry about that either. So that you can be sure that the customer can pay via a secure connection, after which the money is quickly in your account.

Sending invoices and using an invoicing software for this?

MEWEBTEK invoicing is the most simple and fastest way to do this cheaply and safely. MEWEBTEK has tons of functions which will enable you to automate your business processes and save you a lot of time.

Tip: Curious how an invoicing software can send your invoice? We are happy to explain it to you at MEWEBTEK. We are happy to help you send invoices online, as more and more freelancers or small businesses are happily doing so. To save costs, work more sustainably and make smart use of the digital possibilities that are available.