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Invoicing software

What is invoicing software?

MEWEBTEK invoicing software is easy to use, saves you time, gets you paid and can be customized to meet your business needs. Discover all the free invoices features today. Make your small business look professional and save time. Entrepreneurs still use traditional software such as Word, Excel or a calendar to keep their records. This costs a lot of man hours and they lose overview of their records. The administration costs will double. When an invoicing software gets introduced to their business a great deal will change. MEWEBTEK not only offers the sales side, but also an online purchase software for all your invoices.
invoicing software

How works invoicing software

How to make a simple invoice

04 Steps

01. Add services or products
02. Add customer information
03. Add your business information
04. Create a new invoice

Save time and effort

An invoicing software helps you to save time when you are done with your numerous tasks. It gives you an easy way to invoice your customers, that is why it is important to find invoicing software which focuses on simplicity, ease of use and the right features for your needs.

Overview of invoicing

In the past invoices were created on paper and sent out by post. It was harder to keep an overview of all your invoices. An invoicing software gives you the possibility to keep the overview and allows you to send invoices in seconds.

Create invoices everywhere

Traditionally, invoices were created at the office or by an accountant firm. An online invoicing software gives you the possibilities to create an invoice everywhere in the world. For example, A online invoicing software allows you to create invoices with a designated invoicing template.

Helpful features of invoicing software

Many freelancers and businesses use invoices to get paid for the products or services they provide. This general business document is important because it means that both you and your customer can see the details of the charges for goods or services, and both of you can use the invoice to document the transaction for tax purposes.

Here are important parts of an invoice:

Invoice number:
Mention invoice number (example: invoice #1234).

Mention name, address, phone number, email address, company name, btw number, bank details of the seller.

Mention name, address, phone number, email address, company name, btw number, bank details of the buyer.

Mention invoice start date and expiration date.

Product description:
Mention product, quantity, discount, unit cost and total amount.

Total due:
Total of all items + sales tax and other costs.

We understand that the internet can be a scary place to save data on your clients. That is why we keep updating our services to give you the most secure online invoicing software. We encrypt the data so no one is allowed to interfere with the invoices you sent to your customers. We keep our servers updated by adding security updates to our servers. MEWEBTEK takes advantage of the latest protocols and safety standards.

These reasons can guarantee that your data is safely stored when using our online invoicing software:

  • We are able to retrieve data back when an unfortunate events happens.
  • Our data is encrypted by the SSL protocols. Online banks also use these protocols.
  • You are only able to login to the invoicing software with an username and password.

The invoicing software has a set of features. One of the most used features is reporting. Reporting allows you to easily generate invoicing reports for different departments or your customers. You can use the reporting feature to generate an overview of all current leads. The invoicing reports create an overview with all the related information about the customers and allows you to generate a report. You can generate reports with a given date and custom filters to generate reports that fulfill your needs. The reports can be exported as a XLS file which is supported by multiple other softwares.

Team members is a feature in the MEWEBTEK invoicing software which allows you to add team members to the same environment. This allows you to work together with your colleagues. An administrator has the power to add the team members. The team members are then allowed to the same environment as you. An administrator has also control and can add three different roles:

  • Viewer: Allows an team member to only view
  • Standard user: Allows an team member to use all the features (team member management excluded)
  • Administrator: Allows an team member to use all the features (team members included)

Stores all related payments and invoices in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of your financial income. The invoice report gives you a detailed overview of all invoices that you have created in a certain period. You can also adjust this to show you a specific range of invoices with the optional filters. Stay organized: your invoice list at a glance. Keeping track of the status of your invoices has never been easier. MEWEBTEK lets you know when your invoice is opened and viewed by your customer and updates the payment status.

Invoicing features:

  • Invoice in your preferred currency.
  • Send estimates quickly and convert them into invoices after approval.
  • Send statements to track overdue customer accounts.
  • Set-up your own payment link or bank details for recurring invoices.
  • Customize: Add your customers, company information, products and your own logo.
  • Know when your invoices are being viewed.
  • Set-up automatic payment reminders to encourage your customer to pay on time.
  • Easy to understand cash flow insights.
  • Automatic VAT calculations.
  • Send professional payment receipts.
  • Track payments & overdue invoices.
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