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Distance selling agreement

Article 1- Parties

1.1. Seller
Name / Surname: Huseyin Tekin
Address: Çay Mahallesi 2089Sk No 36 d 2 Bayrakli / Izmir
Phone: (+90) 5061130501
E-mail: sales(@)

1.2. Buyer
Name - surname

Article 3- Information regarding the subject of the agreement / Product/ Payment / Delivery information

The type, model, quantity, sale price, terms of payment, ship-to party, delivery address, invoice information, shipment /courier fee of the product(s) purchased electronically are as follows. The person who will be billed is required to be the same with the person who makes this contract. The following information must be accurate and complete. The Buyer accepts to indemnify all the loss and damages fully that caused by giving missing or wrong information including all the responsibilities accordingly.
The Seller reserves the right to terminate the order when deemed necessary if the information provided by the Buyer does not match up with the reality.
In the case that the Seller of determines a problem concerning an order or fails to reach the Buyer by phone, email and mail address provided by the Buyer; then the Seller shall have right to suspend the order processing for 14 (fourteen) days.
It is expected that the Buyer will contact the Seller during this timeframe. If there is no any respond from the Buyer during this time, then the Seller shall cancel the related order to prevent damage to both sides.
Purchased Product / Products
Name, code: ... piece(s)
Total Sale Price:.... -EUR
Payment: Credit Card / Bank Transfer (EFT)
Delivery Person:
Phone number :
Address to be delivered:
Billing Person / Company:
Billing address :
Tax Administration :
Tax Registration Number:
Shipping Cost:... -EUR

Article 4- Contract date and force majeure

The contract date is the date on which the order was placed by the buyer on../../....
Conditions that do not exist or are not foreseen at the date of the signing of the contract, which develop beyond the control of the parties, which, when they arises, make it impossible for one or both parties to fully or partially fulfill their obligations and payments imposed by the contract,even after a period of time shall be deemed as a force majeure. (Natural disaster, war, terrorism, riots, changed legislation, confiscation or strike, lockout, significant breakdown in the production and communication facilities etc...). The party acting as a force majeure shall notify the other party immediately and in writing.
The Parties shall not be liable to perform their obligations fully and promptly due to the force majeure. If a force majeure event continues for 30 (thirty) days, either Party shall have the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement.

Article 5- Rights and obligations of the seller

5.1. The Seller acknowledges and undertakes to fulfill its obligations subject to this Agreement except circumstances of the force majeure in accordance with Law nr.4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the provisions of the Basis and Procedures of the Distance Contracts Regulations.
5.2. No one under 18 (eighteen) is permitted to shop via ........... The Seller will base on the age that the Buyer has indicated in this contract. However, the Seller shall not be held liable due to the wrongly or mistyped age committed by the Buyer.
5.3. is not responsible for price inaccuracies caused by system errors. Therefore, the Seller shall not be liable for any errors that may relate to pricing, promotions and offers on the internet caused by any design or system failure or inappropriate interventions by unauthorized users. No any claims against the Seller will be allowed based on system failure.
5.4. You may use credit card (Visa, Master Card, etc. ) or bank transfer when shopping online via Orders which have not been paid within a period of one week after the date of the order will be cancelled.
The time when an order is put into process is not the time of the placement of the order but it is the moment when the necessary payment is made through your credit card or when the bank transfer (electronic funds transfer - EFT) is deposited securely into the bank accounts. Payment methods by money payroll or postal cheque without contacting the customer service will not be accepted.

Article 6- Rights and obligations of the buyer

6.1. The Buyer acknowledges and undertakes to fulfill its obligations subject to this agreement except circumstances of the force majeure.
6.2. By placing an order, the Buyer acknowledges and undertakes that he/ has confirmed provisions of this agreement and shall make all payments complying with the method of payment specified by this agreement.
6.3. The Buyer agrees and declares that he is aware of the Seller's name, title, full address, telephone and other contact information and the basic characteristics of the products subjected to sale, sale price inc tax, terms of payment, terms of delivery etc. as well as he is aware by electronic platform of all necessary preliminary information about official authorities where to submit their complaints and raise any objection about products subjected to sale and right of withdrawal including how to avail himself of this right and has confirmed those preliminary information via web site.
6.4. Depending on previous article, the Buyer declares that he has read the information via regarding purchase order, terms of payment, product usage instructions and measures that are taken against possible situations including warnings and finally given the necessary confirmation electronically.
6.5. The Buyer agrees and undertakes not to damage the product and its packaging in any case and when he wishes to return the product that he has received and will return the original invoice and delivery note at the time of the return.

Article 7- Order / Payment procedure

After the Buyer confirms the total price of the products inc. taxes (VAT) in EUR (if by installment; total installment charge) of the product(s) in the shopping basket, the payment is processed by the relevant bank. Therefore, before the processing of the delivery of the products, a confirmation mail regarding the purchase will be sent firstly to the buyer. The purchase will not be sent if no confirmation has been sent.
In case of any disruption in the process or any problems may arise with respect to credit cards, will be informed to the Buyer by phone/e-mail indicated in the contract by the Buyer.Also the Buyer may be requested to check with his bank also if necessary. The time when an order is put into process is not the time of giving an order but it is the moment when the necessary payment is made through the credit card or when the bank transfer (electronic funds transfer - EFT) is deposited securely into the bank accounts.
If the Seller cannot supply the ordered product due to an exceptionally right reason or if the stock problems arise, the Buyer is clearly informed. In the case of the Buyer confirmation in such a situation, other product with an equal quality/price or another new product selected by the Buyer can be sent. Or the parties can wait conditions blocking the delivery to be removed or the order can be cancelled by the SELLER OR BUYER.
In the cases that the delivery of the ordered product subjected to the Agreement becomes impossible; the Buyer is informed hereabout and all the payments are paid back and if applicable, documents stating liability for him are returned in ten days at most, and the contract is cancelled. In such a situation, the Buyer will not have right to claim any financial and emotional damage from the Seller.
The shopping from can be done via cash transfer for those who do not want to share credit card information. The Buyer can choose the bank he wishes and make the transfer.If the payment is made by EFT; the date when EFT is deposited into the bank accounts, shall be taken in consideration. While transferring money, the Buyer is required to provide the name of the sender (must be same with the name in the bill) and the number of the order.
If the event that, after the delivery of the product, the credit card belonging to the buyer is allegedly used on an illegal bases by unauthorized people, which was not caused by the fault of the buyer, and in the event that concerning the bank or the financial institution is not willing to pay the amount of the product to the buyer, the buyer is required to ship back the product that he or she has received within a timeframe of 10 (ten) days. In this case, cargo charges belong to the Buyer.
In the event that the Buyer has preferred to pay by credit card; he or she will check with the bank the applicable interest rates, default interest and the provisions of interest. Pursuant the applicable legal requirements, the BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes to confirm the information from the bank about relevant interest rates and default interest, the provisions of interest and default interest which will be applied in accordance within the scope of the credit card contract signed between the Bank and the BUYER.

Article 8- Shipment / Delivery procedure

Upon sending e-mail for confirmation of the order, the product(s) shall be delivered to the address of the Buyer with the cargo company that the Seller agreed. If the order is a digital product, it will be sent to the BUYER'S email address by e-mail (sales at
The products will be delivered to the address of the Buyer with the cargo company that the Seller agreed. The Seller delivers the product in 30 (thirty) days after the order confirmation e-mail is sent and the contract is made. The Seller can extend this period for 10 days (at most) more by notifying the Buyer with a constant data carrier or written document.
In the case of damaged package, the Buyer should not take the delivery of the damaged package and shall let the cargo officer to prepare official report. If the cargo officer disagrees with the package is damaged; the Buyer shall have the right to have the package opened and inspected and then prepared an official report by the cargo officer. After the package is taken by the BUYER, it is accepted that the cargo company done its job properly. If the package is not taken and an official report is prepared, the copy of the report should be sent to the Customer Services as soon as possible.

Article 9- Procedure relating to product return and right of withdrawal

Product Return:
The Buyer has the right to withdraw the contract without showing any reason and paying any penalty expenses within seven days starting from the day she takes the delivery of the product. In order for return procedures to be done in accordance with Tax Procedure Law Nr 385, the Buyer is required to send one copy of 2 bill pages of the product after fully completing the empty space at the bottom of it provided for returns and signing it. The right of withdrawal period begins from the day when the products delivered to the buyer. Returning expenses belong to the Buyer. The Buyer does not have the right of withdrawal if the orders have been specifically prepared according to personal needs or wishes of the Buyer.
In the event that the buyer uses his right of withdrawal, the seller will return the total price he has received within ten days from the receipt of the invoice containing the cancellation notification and any documents that puts the consumer under debt without any expense.
Possible decrease in the value of the returned product is not an obstacle for the use of the right of withdrawal. However, if the loss of value is due to the fault of the Buyer, he is required to compensate the loss to the Seller. For the products who purchased mistakenly, general return period is also seven days. Within this period; opened the package of the product, used or damaged products will not be accepted as return and the price will not be paid back.
The general return period is also 7 days for each product that is purchased mistakenly . During this period, unpackaged, used or damaged etc products do not have the right of withhdrawal. Returns must be in the original packaging. For the products who were purchased mistakenly; if the package of the product is opened, used or broken or damaged etc and if the product and the the original packaging are not in the same condition in which was received before, will not be accepted as a return and the price will not be paid back. For the return of the product, firstly customer services should be informed. Information of sending the returned product is submitted to the customer by the Seller. Then, after other procedures mentioned above are completed, delivery of the returned product must be done with the same cargo company that the Seller has sent the product. In the case of the product is returned appropriately as mentioned in this contract, the return is accepted and the payment is done back to the credit card/bank account. No refund of payment shall be made unless the product is returned. Reflection of the payment to the bank account is under the responsibility of the bank.
If the purchase has been made by credit card and in installments, the credit card refund procedure will be applied as follows: If the buyer has forwarded the purchase request in several installments, the Bank will refund the buyer in installments.In case of the credit card refund for installment payments made by the Buyer through Bank POS; the amount of requested refund is transferred in installment again to the account of the related holder by bank and must not to put the involved parties in an awkward position after the payment is made in full at one time to the bank by the Seller. If the return date does not coincide with the account cut dates of the card, 1 (one) refund will be reflected to the card each month, and the buyer will pay the installments he has paid before the return after the sale of the payments, the number of episodes he has paid before the refund will be deducted from his current debts.
In case of returned of products and services paid by credit card, the Seller shall not arrange any refund of payment in cash due to the the agreement made with the Bank. When a refund of payment is concerned, the Seller shall perform transactions via the related software; because of the Seller is obliged to pay the related amount in cash or on account to the Bank, can not make any payment in cash to the Buyer is in accordance with the procedure mentioned as above. The credit card refund procedure is arranged by bank upon after the payment has made in one time to the bank by the Buyer is in accordance with the procedure mentioned as above.

Article 10- Guarantee

Products that are used and cleaned in accordance with the instructions are guaranteed for the period of two years for production defects under the following conditions: The responsibility of the Seller is only for the Buyer who is subject to Law numbered 4077. Those who have the commercial qualifications shall be subjected to the regulations of Turkish Commercial Code.


The information communicated to the seller by the buyer regarding payment information specified in this agreement will not be shared with third parties by the seller.
Seller may disclose this information only in the event of administrative/legal obligations. Within the scope of any proven official legal investigation, the seller may provide information and documents to the relevant authority if he/she holds the requested information.
Credit Card information is strictly not stored. Credit Card information is only used for secure provision during the collection process and is used to obtain authorization and is then deleted from the system after the approval.
The email address, postal address, telephone number etc. are used by the seller in order to be processed for the purpose of the standard delivery of the products. After approval of the buyer, these details may be used sometimes for advertisements, new products, and reduction.

Article 12- Authorized court and enforcement offices in case of dispute

In the event of a dispute arising following the application of this agreement, the Consumer Arbitration Committees, which are publicized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the month December of each year and also the Consumer Courts which are competent over the residing location of the buyer of seller have jurisdiction. If the order is realized, the buyer shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this agreement. ... / ... / ..